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Who We Are

Christian Camping International/Russia (Serving the CIS and Baltics) is an Association of Christian camps providing resources, leadership training, and fellowship. CCI/Russia is an interdenominational ministry that seeks to serve the people of the independent republics of the former Soviet Union. CCI/Russia is a full member of CCI, a worldwide alliance of Christian camping associations.

Our Creed

We believe in
  • The Holy Scriptures as originally given by God, divinely inspired, infallible, entirely trustworthy and the supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct;
  • The Triune God – Father, Son & Holy Spirit;
  • The deity of the Lord Jesus Christ, His substitutionary atonement of sin, His bodily resurrection and His personal, visible return to earth to reign in righteousness and glory;
  • The person of the Holy Spirit and His work of conviction, regeneration and sanctification, Who indwells every believer, equipping them with gifts for service and witness;
  • The necessity of the new birth, in salvation by faith in Jesus Christ alone, and the importance of a life fully committed to the will of God in Christ;
  • The church as the one, universal body of Christ who is the Head, called to be God's redeemed people.

Our Mission Statement

To train and equip Christian camping leaders and staff members, and to nurture brotherly fellowship among them. CCI/Russia is an interdenominational ministry that serves the people of the Russian Federation and other independent republics of the former Soviet Union.

Our Members

CCI/Russia exists only because of and for its member camps. Interested in joining our Association? Click here for more info.

Our Board

Providing principled leadership for our Association is the CCI/Russia Board of Trustees.

Our Regional Representatives

Regional Representatives coordinate CCI/Russia activities in the independent republics of the former Soviet Union as well as in the regions of the Russian Federation.

Our Staff

Serving our members from our headquarters in St. Petersburg are two dedicated staff members.

Our Partners

CCI/Russia's mission partners assist us in carrying out our mission.

Our Worldwide Family

Christian Camping International is an international alliance of Christian camping associations working in more than 50 countries around the world.


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