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“The community of servant leaders that CCI-Russia has created is truly unique” – a participant at the CCI/Russia annual conference, February 5-9.
We give praise to God for anointing this event. His Spirit was at work in planning, discussions and throughout the entire conference. The conference theme “Thirsty for the Truth” was applied throughout every aspect of the event.
213 participants were in attendance, including instructors and guests from Belarus, Estonia, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Ukraine, USA and a closed country in East Asia.

Basic purposes of the Conference:

  • An increase in the spiritual vision in camp leadership; enthusiasm and encouragement; sharing of experiences.
  • Key camp staff and church pastors (or mission leaders) may attend the conference alongside with their Camp Directors.
  • Several different training tracks run in parallel at the conference.

CCLC Participants' Testimonies

Emanuel Sfercoci


It was an honor and pleasure for us to attend the CCI/Russia National Conference. It gives us a lot of ideas, encouragement and spiritual growth. Thank you!

Alexander, camp program leader:
I really liked learning how to make a camp newsletter at the Making a Camp Newsletter seminar. It will be another fun activity for campers to participate in, writing articles for the camp newsletter. I also learned the Bible is a very interesting book, not boring at all, and I learned how to encourage youth to read it and learn from it. I will use this material in church and in camp. The evening meetings were very interesting for me as a program leader; I collected lots of new ideas and learned more how to lead the evening meetings by watching the MCs. I also learned about decorating the stage a lot. I will apply all these ideas and knowledge when I work on our camp program for this summer.

Tatyana, program director:
I will be a program director in coming summer camps. At the Conference I learned a lot about how to make a program for summer camps, some new ways of studying the Bible with teenagers and youth. I also learned how to decorate the campsite. I received lots of spiritual encouragement from other leaders. I am very glad that I was able to be at this conference.


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