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CDI Introduction

The CCI/Russia Camp Directors Institute provides a unique opportunity to acquire systematic knowledge in the area of camp administration and management, professional and spiritual growth and the opportunity to benefit from the experience of some of the best leaders in global camping ministry. As far as we know, training in this field is not offered anywhere else in the former Soviet Union, neither can we find many programs of the kind offered throughout the world.

Our hope and desire is that CDI graduates will acquire a new level of quality knowledge and skills that will enable them to:

  • have broader outlook on ministry
  • revisit the direction God is taking them personally and their camp
  • make wise and considered decisions and make plans, which, when carried out, will further God’s Kingdom

CDI Program

CDI Program includes lectures, seminars, interactive assignments, case studies, as well as substantial hours of individual work together with a graduation assignment that is done in summer camp. CDI leaders would like to acknowledge the American Camp Association for their kind permission to use materials from their Camp Director Professional Training Course.

Learn more about the CDI Program here.

CDI History

The concept of creating a program of higher education for Christian camp directors emerged at the beginning of the 21st century. There was a clear need for directors with professional training and an advanced level of knowledge and experience. A leader was needed who was endowed with vision and the ability to build a unified, coherent program from disparate materials and ideas. So God sent that leader: Professor Gary Fawver of George Fox University in Oregon, the first dean of CDI.

The Camp Directors' Institute was a big undertaking, and any really big activity in God's kingdom usually confronts considerable opposition. It took years of work and fervent prayer, and boldness in decision-making. In October 2005 the inaugural class of students began their studies at the Institute. They represented Christian camps from five countries in the CIS and Baltic states: Belarus, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine and Central Asia.

The 2005-2006 CDI class graduated on September 22, 2006, with sixteen students. Twelve graduated in the 2007-2008 class on September 26, 2008.

View photos from our first year (Session 1, Session 2, Session 3, Graduation) and second year (Session 1, Graduation).

CDI Faculty

The Institute is led by a group of highly educated and experienced leaders in camp ministry from the USA, Canada, Russia, and Central Asia. You can learn more about our instructors here.

Feedback from CDI Graduates

"CDI is a new look at your own camp, and a powerful impetus to develop further."

"Practical. Useful. Real."

"The first years of ministry as a camp director can run on enthusiasm, but then comes a need for professional growth. CDI will help you see opportunities for more efficient use of your resources."

"Here I received a invaluable experience, and I found a friend who gets me."

"After the summer practicum, I saw that the knowledge gained in CDI works. My camp improved both in site preparation, and the program itself."

"My thinking on camp fundraising was completely transformed."

"I realized that in camp ministry there are no small, unimportant details."

"Amazing! A huge motivation, rapid pace!"

"I want to express my deep gratitude for the treasures I received at the CDI. I hope that the Institute will continue its work and many directors will be blessed through its training. I pray that the Lord will provide everything necessary to make that happen."


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